"Muses' Garden"

Stephanie Davis Fine Art
  1. Wanderlust
    All journeys, whether physical or spiritual, have to begin somewhere. We just have to be brave enough to take the first step. This painting is about that first step at sunrise when the day is filled with hope and possibility.
  2. Before the Storm
    Before the Storm
    There is something within her, something primal, that longs to rush into the oncoming storm, arms flung wide, face upturned, running helter skelter through the field laughing with joy...in truth, she stands in silent contemplation watching the approaching storm deeply, deeply yearning
My name is Stephanie Davis
A life full of new beginnings is what I've had, or as my husband says, "Here we go again!" I'm constantly finding new things to explore, whether it's a change in careers or in my art. My short attention span keeps me excited at the prospect of learning something new. One constant in my life has been my love of creating beautiful things. My work is always described as "happy". I express my joy in many mediums such as acrylics, watercolor, graphite pencil, colored pencil, fiber, weaving, bead embroidery, wire jewelry and ceramic sculpture...see, short attention span!
In 2006, I quit my day job, opened my own gallery and for 3 years taught classes and had a place to show all my own work. I found teaching to be the most satisfying job I've every had. I especially love teaching beginners and giving them the foundation to find their own voice. 
I am a self taught artist who has spent the past  few years exploring the inner world of women through my paintings. I use both figurative and floral subjects and a bold, vibrant palette to entice the viewer to envision what’s below the surface. Each painting, for me, is an exercise in maximizing the impact of the piece in order to illuminate the internal world of these women, and consequently expand the breadth of our understanding of the human condition.

Flowers are a visual metaphor conveying many of the same themes as my portraits. I enjoy flowers for their obvious beauty, but they are also expressive of our inner feelings and psychological state. The fragility of flowers coupled with their striking colors, intriguing delicacy and fleeting existence evoke the same feelings we women feel about ourselves.
an Antonio, Texas Artist and Art Teacher Stephanie Davis creates beautiful ACRYLIC PAINTING Still lifes, landscapes and portraits. She offers classes in Drawing ,Acrylic and Watercolor Painting and Mixed Media. Contact Davis for commission information. Purchase paintings at stephanie-davis-fine-art.myshopify.com