A new line of handpainted ceramics is available only at the
San Antonio Botanical Gardens Gift Shop. 


To purchase ceramics please visit my shopify store by clicking this link: stephanie-davis-fine-art.myshopify.com
  1. Flower Maidens
    Flower Maidens
  2. Flower Maiden
    Flower Maiden
  3. Flower Maiden
    Flower Maiden
  4. Happy Bird Tortilla Warmer
    Happy Bird Tortilla Warmer
  5. Happy Bird Metro Bowls
    Happy Bird Metro Bowls
  6. Happy Bird Shot Glasses, Mugs, Bud Vases
    Happy Bird Shot Glasses, Mugs, Bud Vases
  7. Happy Bird Spoon Rest
    Happy Bird Spoon Rest
  8. Poppies Mugs
    Poppies Mugs
  9. Birds & Magnolias Cereal Bowls
    Birds & Magnolias Cereal Bowls
  10. Poppies Spoon Rest
    Poppies Spoon Rest
  11. Birds & Magnolias Mugs
    Birds & Magnolias Mugs
  12. Poppies Naples Pitcher
    Poppies Naples Pitcher
  13. Happy Birds Tuscan Oil Bottle
    Happy Birds Tuscan Oil Bottle
  14. Poppies Square Plate
    Poppies Square Plate
  15. Happy Birds Naples Pitcher
    Happy Birds Naples Pitcher
  16. Poppies Tortilla Warmer
    Poppies Tortilla Warmer
  17. Birds & Magnolias Square Plate
    Birds & Magnolias Square Plate
  18. Flower Maidens
    Flower Maidens
  19. Flower Maidens
    Flower Maidens
  20. Flower Maidens
    Flower Maidens
  21. Funky Birds
    Funky Birds
  22. Funky Birds
    Funky Birds
  23. Flower Maidens
    Flower Maidens
  24. Flower Maiden
    Flower Maiden
  25. Magnolia Maiden
    Magnolia Maiden
  26. Flower Maiden
    Flower Maiden
  27. Flower Maiden
    Flower Maiden
  28. Flower Maiden
    Flower Maiden
  29. Title 29
    Title 29
  30. Fridea
  31. Garden in Bloom
    Garden in Bloom
an Antonio, Texas Artist and Art Teacher Stephanie Davis creates beautiful ACRYLIC PAINTING Still lifes, landscapes and portraits. She offers classes in Drawing ,Acrylic and Watercolor Painting and Mixed Media. Contact Davis for commission information. Purchase paintings at stephanie-davis-fine-art.myshopify.com