Classes, Workshops & Pet Portraits
Painting in Acrylic and Watercolor, Drawing  and Mixed Media/Journal Making

Home Studio Classes

Pet Portraits

These ADULT OPEN STUDIO classes are ongoing, mixed beginning and intermediate level. That means some students will be drawing, some will be exploring watercolor or other media. Students will work at their own pace.  See Class descriptions below. Class size is very limited.
Classes are not available at this time.

Private lessons are available in very limited time slots and number of students. Please contact me for more information.
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Drawing Lessons
Students will learn drawing basics such as interpreting value, tone and shape from real life set ups and from reference photos. Instruction in pencil techniques will also help students develop their skill in learning to see the world around them and conveying it onto a two dimension plane.
Mixed Media/Art Journals
Students will learn to make their own art journals using basic book binding techniques and explore different mixed medias using acrylics, watercolor, stencils, stamps and collage.
Acrylic Painting
These classes start at the beginning by teaching students to see value and shapes by limiting their palette to only black and white. Moving on, students will learn color theory in the beginning color class and eventually begin to develop their visual voice by endevouring to paint daily. Acrylic painting classes are currently available through NEISD Adult/Community Education.
Watercolor Painting
Explore basic watercolor painting techniques such as mixing colors and developing color theory. As students progress, they can advance to portrait painting.
an Antonio, Texas Artist and Art Teacher Stephanie Davis creates beautiful ACRYLIC PAINTING Still lifes, landscapes and portraits. She offers classes in Drawing ,Acrylic and Watercolor Painting and Mixed Media. Contact Davis for commission information. Purchase paintings at